If you follow me on social media or read my blog you probably know that I love to cook and I’m obsessed with cheese. When I attended Just V Show recently I was lucky enough to score lots of great products to review. I was really interested to work with new companies as well as those that I’m already a big fan of. I don’t write about things and say I love them because I’m getting paid money to, I genuinely love the products and want to share that with people. I try to stay on message and only work with companies/brands that fit with my likes/interests and that of my blog.

I’ve been a fan of Violife for a few years so will happily write about them and recommend them as I think their products are great. It was lovely to see them at Just V Show and they were incredibly generous with the haul of products they gave me. I’ve made various things with them so wanted to showcase what I’ve used them for so far, what ones are my favorites and why. Read More

Sand Cloud

The UK Loose Leaf Tea Company

The lovely people at the loose leaf tea company sent me some tea to try. They sent me 100g each of Rooibos Amaretto Prickly Pear Tea (rrp £4.30) & Hibiscus Blossoms Tea (rrp £3.68).

Photo 13-07-2017, 14 03 05

They’re a small business based in London passionate about Tea, Coffee, Herbals, Drinking Chocolate. They source their teas direct from the ethical tea growers and approved suppliers, every product is of the highest quality, with many teas being organic. I love that they offer one of the largest selections of decaf loose leaf teas in the UK as I only really drink decaf.

I was excited to try these lovely sounding flavours as I adore tea and relish trying new brands & blends. They smelt so gorgeous in their packaging so was really excited to brew them. (The amaretto pear is particularly sweet smelling & dreamy) I love Read More

California Prune Blogging Event 7.7.17

I was over the moon when California Prune invited me to my first official blogging event last Friday, It was at a big event in London so it was a really big deal to me and I was soo excited! The event took place at Kensington Olympia as part of Just V Show, Love Natural Love You and The Allergy & Free From Show.

The Blogging Event was an exclusive opportunity for bloggers to meet the CP Brand Ambassadors and nutritionists, get tips on how Prunes can support a healthy lifestyle, sample new recipes, a free goodie bag and a Q&A session with the CP Ambassador chefs.

I really loved Read More

FEW Afterword

Many of you may have read my blog post on FEW (Female entrepreneur week) a couple of weeks ago & hopefully at least some of you participated (I hope).

If you’re coming into this without knowing anything then allow me to summarise. Entrepreneur, author & podcast host Nadia Finer brought together 5 other stars in the entrepreneurial world to give lady entrepreneurs the right tools and training for a successful business. This was spread out over the course of 10 glorious days.

I absolutely loved FEW & thoroughly enjoyed taking part and learning everything I could from this talented bunch of women! I can’t wait to see if they continue this and am so ready for next year if they do!

Let me introduce you to the talent. They each brought something valuable & different to the table. Read More

Female Entrepreneur Week (FEW) 21 – 28 June 2017

I’m beyond honoured that I’ve been asked to be an Official Female Entrepreneur Week Blogger!

I know soo many fierce, strong & ambitious women that not only have the courage to want more but who actually go out & get it. This week is for you ladies! We want to help you hustle and be the best version of yourselves. Because everyone needs some help once in a while right? And we have the tools to help you kick ass & rock your business to its full potential!

Few people have the courage or imagination to start their own business.

Few people have the strength to seek help and support when they need it.

Few people have the tenacity to keep going when quitting is the more attractive option.

Are you one of the FEW?

If this hits home and you are all about that self-development game then join us for the next 10 days, you’ll get the essentials to start and grow your business. Read More

Adams Cooks Everything

I came across the channel Adam Cooks Everything on YouTube. The videos are short, easy to follow and entertaining to boot.


Now I may be a Vegan but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate great chefs and youtube channels that aren’t vegan. But before you call me a hypocrite… Adam is not only lactose intolerant but he gives substitutes for dairy products. (VEGANS REJOICE!) He also does a gluten free recipe every week which is awesome! I know a few people who can’t eat gluten so I like that he caters to everyone.

Here are his Gluten Free recipes

Adam is Read More